SaxaVord UK Spaceport requires a highly skilled workforce to operate the complex, to help lead the UK space industry and to have a positive impact on the planet through the ingenuity, collaboration and skills of people from Shetland and beyond.

A key aim of the SaxaVord team is therefore to support and ultimately help deliver education, particularly in relevant STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects.

That applies to education from nursery age, through primary and secondary and in to the further and higher education sectors.

In September 2022 we published our Education Strategy.

A series of events and opportunities will begin shortly and full details will be made available.

The range of necessary skill sets for the space industry is vast, with the types of jobs including but not confined to Spaceport Operations Manager, Systems Engineer, Aerospace Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Communications Scientist, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Cyber Operator, Software Developer, Astrophysicist and IT Specialist.

Shetland’s space education, Employment and Skills Pipeline (SSEESP) has produced a blog which can be viewed here.

And close links have been established with the University of Edinburgh, University of Leicester and University of Alaska.

We are developing a series of resources for teachers at all levels which we will share in due course.