Statement on SSC and Leonne International

Shetland Space Centre has been the subject of adverse comment in some sections of the media within the last month. This relates to the investment in the project by Michael Haston through Leonne International. The Board of Shetland Space Centre wishes to make clear that the company has received and continues to receive funds from Leonne in full compliance with the legal agreement signed more than a month ago. Moreover, Shetland Space Centre has carried out due diligence checks and the Board is entirely satisfied that Leonne is a legitimate funder.

The only possible conclusion is that individuals with their own agenda are intent on smearing our project by resorting to innuendo and insinuation. They should know that while this activity is distressing and frustrating for the project team, particularly during a global medical and economic crisis, their attempts to discredit us will only encourage us to work harder to fulfil our aim of building a vertical launch site, thus bringing the space economy to Shetland, Scotland and the UK.

Frank Strang MBE


On behalf of the Board of Shetland Space Centre