Our values tell the world who we are and what we stand for; they underpin why we exist as a business. They are at the heart of everything we do each and every day.

We are:

Safety and Environmentally Focussed

We think ‘safety first in all of our actions’. It’s our number one priority and it governs our actions and processes. There is only one Earth and we focus on protecting it.

Integrity Driven

If we say we will do it, you can rely on us. If we say we can do it, we will make it happen.


We are a team, and we know that without our team members working collaboratively
with each other and with our customers and our stake holders, there is no journey.


We are proud to be part of ‘New Space’ which is characterised by energy, agility and dynamism. We are proud to be part of this evolution.


From the inception of our desire to create our business we have needed to be resilient in order to succeed. It’s part of our DNA. We will find a way.


Based in Shetland but serving the world, we are an international company. We believe in the power and value of diversity.