Launch Services

SaxaVord Spaceport is developing a ground station network on the island of Unst, Shetland, the UK's most northerly location.

The Spaceport has been designed to host a wide variety of launch missions on rockets with payloads of up to 1.5 tonnes into Sun-Synchronous, Polar and High Inclination orbits as well as suborbital flights.

But we are more than just a launch site operator – we will actively support our partners by constantly adding to and expanding our facilities and services. We know that the success of our partners is fundamental to our development. It’s in our DNA.

Shetland is the ideal location for Europe’s premier spaceport, with a long history of serving and supplying complex industries such as oil & gas with sophisticated engineering needs and excellent logistics. SaxaVord Spaceport can support a wide range of requirements, from engine test benches to research and development.


Our aim is for a simple concept of launch operations with little or no interference between the different launch missions and LSPs.

Located on the Lamba Ness peninsula, the spaceport will host up to three launch pads and three integration hangars, each for shared or exclusive use. SaxaVord Spaceport will support LSPs to optimise their concept of operations in terms of reduced costs, flexibility and increased launch cadence.

The Spaceport has been designed to allow for safe and responsive yet costeffective launch operations.

Our facilities will allow for launch vehicle preparation and integration, payload processing, fairing and mating. LSPs will be able to prepare for and integrate multiple launch missions simultaneously.

While standardisation and sharing certain facilities has the advantage of reducing costs for launch missions, we understand the importance of providing bespoke and/or additional facilities. SaxaVord Spaceport may offer facilities for component testing and development or additional storage space. Please contact us with any enquiries or for more information.

Finally, we will provide additional requirements for the work environment and meeting rooms, and support personnel and guests in their enjoyment of the beauty of the Shetland landscape, its nature and rich history, when time permits.

Launch Site Services

SaxaVord Spaceport will provide support throughout the launch mission, from planning to de-briefing.

Focusing on launch site operating services, we will also offer support for planning the launch, logistical services to and from the spaceport as well as mission critical ancillary services, such as engineering, maintenance or fuelling.

In addition, we can provide accommodation and catering in the close vicinity of the spaceport as well as VIP-hosting and entertaining.

Range Services

Other than the Northern Sea, there is nothing to restrict flight trajectories to Sun-Synchronous, Polar and High Inclination Orbits or for suborbital sounding rocket launches.

While the airspace crossing the flight trajectories is clear, maritime activities north of Shetland are very limited.

As a result, SaxaVord Spaceport offers unrestricted direct trajectories from 330 to 075 degrees true.

SaxaVord Spaceport supports its partners in applying for all required launch licences. We will communicate with the regulatory bodies in applying for the launch as well as providing the Range (earth, sea and air) for each launch mission. Relying on our global partners, we can provide Telemetry, Tracking and Command communication from our Launch and Range Control Centre throughout the launch and up to the phase of reaching the destined orbits.

Space Port User Manuals

We understand the importance of compatible operating activities. We are more than happy to provide any of our partners with up-to-date user manuals, safety procedures and guidelines as well as briefing training.

We are currently finalising our spaceport user manuals. Please contact with any enquiries or for more information.